Weekly updates about practice are to be found in our Facebook group.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to attend practice! We are always looking for new players!

Send an email to info@aarhuslacrosse.dk and we will figure something out!

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Aarhus Lacrosse Club

Aarhuss Lacrosse is one of two lacrosse teams in Denmark.
The sport is growing slowly but surely thanks to the volunteers that run the board, the training sessions and the social life of the club.

The team consists of both women and men from more than six different nations and players aged between 13 and 50 years.

Men and women practise together twice a week, both indoor and outdoor.
Every year Aarhus Lacrosse attends both national and international tournaments and games.

Practice times:
Thursdays at 16.30 (Norgårdhallen/Gellerup Kunsthal)
Sundays at 14.00 (Usually at Godsbanen)
Contact us, and we will have a stick ready for you!


We are here together to have fun. Everybody get to play.

Open Club
Aarhus Lacrosse is for everyone. No exceptions.

Team Spirit
People feel welcome in our club. Team mates got each other’s back.

Aarhus, Denmark, the world. We make friends all over the world

Grow the Game
We want to expand the knowledge of, and participation in, Lacrosse in Aarhus first and Denmark second.

Membership fees

Prices to be a part of Aarhus Ravens Lacrosse:
300 dkk per semester
500 dkk if you pay for two semesters.

The fee includes:

  • Practice twice a week (Thursdays and Sundays)
  • Social events (We have loads of social stuff going on every season)
  • Game days arranged by The Danish Lacrosse Federation