Aarhus Lacrosse is one of two lacrosse teams in Denmark.
The sport is growing slowly but surely thanks to the volunteers that run the board, the training sessions and the social life of the club.

The team consists of both women and men from more than six different nations and players aged between 13 and 50 years.

Men and women practise together twice a week, both indoor and outdoor.
Every year Aarhus Lacrosse attends both national and international tournaments and games.

Aarhus Lacrosse wishes to develop a strong men’s and women’s team, to have enough good gear to teach students and other interested people, to get more young players to play lacrosse and to show the world how great this sport is!

By supporting Aarhus Lacrosse you will:

  • Support an untraditional local sport
    Aarhus Lacrosse is based in Aarhus and plays at several different locations. The club is one of two lacrosse team in Denmark.
  • Get good promotion
    Aarhus Lacrosse plays in both national and international tournaments which means that your company name will be shown all over the continent. In addition, we practise in Uniparken in the summer; a place where your name will be displayed locally.
  • Have a good story to tell
    Lacrosse is fairly unknown in Denmark and not many companies can say that they support the fastest growing sport in the world!

If you would like to support us or have any questions, please send us an email:

Thank you!